What happened on December 22; 2020?

Just as a reminder , I will post this on my Blog for the moment.

It can be something to discuss.

The picture uploaded here is not at all perfect; but a very vivid and eye catching portrait of the event.

it is a picture on picture from a news letter. I’ll come around to this later.

It is important for me that you use this Blog; and by summer it will be fully operable with you being able to place in comments on every topic ; not having to use the e-mail.

As time elapses , we will get on to more day to day matters and things that occouies the minds of us all in times like this – but of course mostly day to day living with what we do and what we dont do.

Important issues as to how we live our lives, makes things worth while and hobbies and friends that encourages us to do our best.