What happened on December 22; 2020?

Just as a reminder , I will post this on my Blog for the moment.

It can be something to discuss.

The picture uploaded here is not at all perfect; but a very vivid and eye catching portrait of the event.

it is a picture on picture from a news letter. I’ll come around to this later.

It is important for me that you use this Blog; and by summer it will be fully operable with you being able to place in comments on every topic ; not having to use the e-mail.

As time elapses , we will get on to more day to day matters and things that occouies the minds of us all in times like this – but of course mostly day to day living with what we do and what we dont do.

Important issues as to how we live our lives, makes things worth while and hobbies and friends that encourages us to do our best.

How to enlist comments on Nettpresten.com


When you want to communicate ; you need to use ordinary e-mail for the time being. 

As for the future, the idea is to have an interactive dialogue with the users; but this is out for reach for the moment, as the page is in its formation and needs time for expansion on the internet.

All good things comes true for those patient and those who want to do something valuable for the neighbour and those who search truth and dignity in their lives.

Kindness is the key word for this emancipation and endeavour. 


This Blog does not function as an ordinary Blog; but as a dialogue between users and a former priest; using this web site for conversation and guidance .

contact mail adresse is: post@cosmologychurch.com

Please donate 1€ for any kind of response. You will be guided through Pay Pal. 

The bilingual appearance of Nettpresten.com


The obvious reasons of two languages being used at the same time on nettpresten.com is to underline that most people are familiar with two or more languages.

May be good at using English in speech and writing; but having another language as mother tongue.

Redactor want to underline  the  reality and relate to that.

In the upcoming years I therefore want to supply my members and viewers the possibility of communicating on their mother tongue – an obvious choice I think.

The problem at the moment is capacity – but this will improve over the years.

Sea of purity.

Dear Viewers and partisipant.

All the best for everyone of us, and this page is yours. Please use it!

How can purity be something beautiful  and dignifying in a world of disturbance and disharmony?

It is not a question of being perfect or being better than anyone else, but to struggle further   in life to give ourselves the possibility  of dignity and honour in face of our neighbours  and ultimately in the face of God.

Cleansing ourselves and our mind relives us from pain and agony and opens up to a future more at ease with ourselves and our Maker.

All the best

Why not start outdoor? Pitch a tent in a park and sleep overnight with the stars above you?

May be I should put in a STAR picture her soon.

It is so beautiful to know that just above us is the great Heavens and the way to infinity.

This is early winter in the deep Scandinavian forest with occasional wildlife around. Staying alone in  freezing temperatures just to survive.

The art of survival in any conditions will be the key figure for us to explore in the coming years.

At night, in winter, alone or with friends, in harsh conditions, and putting yourselves to the test for maximum enjoinment of life itself.